Rigid Bag filters

Camfil manufacture a range of Compact/Rigid bag filters to suit your application. These rigid bag filters are used for a full range of applications. A rigid bag filter is often chosen were space is an issue in a AHU or more airflow is required

Opakfil Opakfil

The Opakfil is a range of compact V-Bank high efficiency filters. The Opakfil comes in a range of different efficiencies and sizes to suit all applications. These Rigid bag filters are used when filter efficiency and performance are important but space in your AHU is limited

Airopac Compact filter Airopac Compact filter

Airopac is a pleated high efficiency HF-model compact and robust steel frame filter for air conditioning applications and preparatory filtration in clean rooms.

EcoPleat High Efficiency Panel Filter EcoPleat High Efficiency Panel Filter

When your HVAC system does not have the room to accommodate a compact or bag filter but you still need a product that reaches High Filtration standards, the Ecopleat is the ideal product for you. The Ecopleat comes in a cardboard, metal or plastic frame depending on your requirement.


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