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HEPA Panel Filters

Megalam MD15, MX15, MG15 -1PU

The Megalam HEPA panel filter is used in LAF benches and Clean room applications. Made using microbial inert components the Megalam is ideal for the food and beverage Industry

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  • Compliant to VDI 6022
  • Microbial inert components acc. to ISO 846
  • Tested for Food Contact acc. to EC 1935:2004
  • Free of bisphenol-A, phthalate and formaldehyde
  • Chemically resistant to inactivation and cleaning procedures


Application: ULPA filter for clean rooms and LAF benches
Type: ULPA filter
Frame: Extruded and anodised aluminum
Gasket: Polyurethane, endless foamed
Media: Glass fiber
Separators: Hot-melt beads
Sealant: Polyurethane (2-K-sealant)
Grid: Mild steel white (RAL 9010) epoxy paint
Efficiency acc. EN 1822:2009: U15
MPPS Efficiency acc. EN 1822:2009: > 99.9995% MPPS
Recommended final pressure drop: 2x initial pressure drop
Maximum pressure drop: MD: 500 Pa; MX: 600 Pa; MG: 800 Pa
Temperature/Humidity: 70ºC / 100% RH
Remarks: Individually scantested acc. EN 1822:2009 with protocol and packed in PE-foil.
Compliant with ProSafe** requirements.



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