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High Temperature Panel filters

Termikfil 2000

The Termikfil 2000 High Temperature air filter is a HEPA filter that complies the most stringent FDA GMP* requirements. Used in applications with extremelty High temperatures such assterilisation tunnels in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Meets FDA requirements
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature 350°C, efficiency 99,99% at 0,3 µm
  • Ceramic frame
  • Exclusive precuring process at 300°C carried out in the plant
  • Efficiency tested after precuring


Application: Protection of ultra-clean processes at high temperature, sterilisation tunnels in the pharmaceutical industry.
Type: Very high efficiency panel resistant to 350°C in continuous service.
Frame: Composite ceramic.
Gasket: Rolled glass fibre paper + 6mm dia glass braid.
Media: Glass fibre.
Separator: Glass strands.
Sealant: Ceramic.
Faceguard: Upstream and downstream in stainless steel.
DOP efficiency: ≥ 99.99%.
Maximum local penetration: 0.01% conforming to FDA requirements.
Recommended final pressure drop: 350 Pa.
Temperature: Up to 350°C in continous service.
Test: 100% after thermal treatment at 300°C.
Mounting: A stainless steel adabtor frame can be supplied to reach the thickness of 150mm or 292mm.
NB: To reduce fume emission when starting up, TERMIKFIL undergoes a specific precuring cycle in the factory at 300°C using an exclusive CAMFIL process.



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