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Combination Carbon filters

CityCarb CH Compact Carbon filter

The CityCarb CH is a molecular filter that is used in Museums, Art Galleries and libraries to protect artefacts from pollutants

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  • Compact “2 in 1” filtration solution; particulate and molecular
  • Ideal for filtering organic acids
  • 100% incinerable
  • Can be used to upgrade existing installations
  • Range of standard sizes
  • Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD)
  • Filter class F7 acc. EN 779:2012



Application: Particle and odour removal in museums, art galleries, libraries etc.
Type: Compact particle and molecular filter.
Frame: Polystyrene.
Media: Synthetic fibre and broad spectrum carbon.
EN779:2012 efficiency: F7.
Maximum flow rate: 4000m3/h.
Ozone rating: Oz 8
Ozone removal efficiency: 80% . Value +/- 15%
Mounting system: Front and side access holding frames are available: Type 8, Type L and FC housings.




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