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Combination Carbon filters

CityPleat Carbon Panel Filter

The CityPleat is Camfils 2 in 1 partical and molecular panel filter. Using the combined technology the Citypleat Carbon panel filter helps protect against large particles as well as providing low level odour control

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  • “2 in 1” filtration solution; particulate and molecular.
  • Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD)
  • Ozone rating Oz5 or Oz6
  • 100% incinerable
  • Can be used upgrade existing installations
  • Lightweight and clean
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    Application: : Combination filtration to achieve particle pre-filtration and control of low level gaseous pollutants. Typical applications include IAQ improvement in city centre buildings, shopping malls and other public buildings.
    Type: Prefilter for gas and particles removal.
    Frame: Moisture resistant cardboard.
    Media: Synthetic fibre and broad spectrum carbon.
    EN779:2012 filter class: G4.
    ASHRAE 52.2:2007 filter class: MERV 7.
    Recommended temperature: 0 - 40°C.
    Recommended relative humidity: < 70%.
    Recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa.
    Maximum final pressure drop: 350 Pa.
    Ozone rating: Oz 5, Oz 6
    Ozone removal efficiency: 50 - 70% depending on model and air flow.
    All values are +-15%.



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