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Compact Carbon filters

GigaPleat XPC/XPH

This Molecular Compact filter is used in ISO 6 Class Clean room environments

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  • Reduced waste through re-usable housing
  • Exchangeable panels
  • Up to 2 media types can be combined into the same filter
  • Compact solution
  • High media cleanliness


    Application: Clean room recirculation air and clean room make up air.
    Type: Compact filter with exchangeable panels.
    Housing: Stainless steel. Removable sheet metal profiles for panel replacement.
    Gasket: Position: 01 - downstream, 10 - upstream.
    Sealant: Polyurethane.
    Configuration XPC: 2 layers of 8 panels / full size housing.
    Configuration XPH: 1 layer of 8 panels / full size housing.
    Recommended temperature range: 10 - 40°C.
    Recommended relative humidity: 30 - 70%.
    Particle cleanliness: ISO Class 6.
    Outgassing: Individually outgassing tested for VOC emissions on request




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