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Loose-fill Carbon filters

CamCarb PM

The CamCarb PM, Previously known as the CamSure, is a loose fill Carbon panel filter that is used in diverse applications in ventilation systems. Available in standard and custom sizes

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  • May be filled with any molecular filtration media to fit various applications.
  • May be lined with a fine scrim to minimise shedding
  • Vibrated fill technique to prevent media settlement
  • Standard and non-standard sizes available
  • Galvanised steel frame, option for stainless steel
  • Plastic frame for certain standard sizes


Application: Adsorption of odours and gases in air conditioning applications.
Type: Loose fill adsorbent panels.
Frame: Galvanised steel.
Media: Campure or activated carbon based materials.
Temperature: 40°C maximum in continuous service.
Recommended relative humidity: 30 - 70%.
Mounting systems: Front and side access housings and frames are available.




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