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Molecular Filtration Medias

The correct media grade is essential for a successful molecular filter. Camfil have a comprehensive range of molecular filtration medias based on activated carbon and activated alumina.

Camfil molecular filtration medias fall into one of two categories; Broad Spectrum adsorbents and Targeted or impregnated adsorbents.   Broad Spectrum adsorbents have an affinity for a very wide range of gases.  They are capable of adsorbing at least 99% of the estimated 100,000 molecuales that man has invented that are now in our air.  Broad Spectrum carbon is particulalry useful for controlling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrocarbons and solvents. For the relatively few molecuales not controlled by Broad Spectrum adsorbents we use a "Targeted" approach.  Specials impregnated adsorbents are used which have a very strong affinity for a particular molecule or group of molecules. Impregnated medias are particulalry useful for treating very volatile gases such as hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. 
The CamPure range of impregnated activated alumina medias are used to control difficult corrosive gases in process applications such as pulp and paper, petrochemical, metal refining and waste water treatment.


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