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At Camfil, Not only do we manufacture the Clean air Solutions that are used in your building, we also offer a range of services to ensure your facility maintains the high air quality standards you demand

Complete Filter Management Services Complete Filter Management Services

At Camfil UK we offer a Complete Filter Management Service to our clients. Listed below are some of the services and more detail about each one

Validation and Verification Services Validation and Verification Services

At Camfil UK we also perform Validation and testing of Cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Our staff are fully trained and highly skilled to ensure that all testing is performed in a professional manner and that your critical areas are validated to the required standards

Air Hygiene Services Air Hygiene Services

How healthy is the air in your building? From Duct Cleaning, Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning and Indoor air Quality Testing, Camfil offer a range of services to ensure your Air Hygiene remains high, protecting your people, processes and product

Molecular Filtration Services Molecular Filtration Services

At Camfil UK we understand how important Indoor Air Quality is to protect your people, products and processes. Camfil UK offers a full range of Molecular Filtration services to help protect these key areas in your business


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