Industrial Air Cleaners

Industrial Air Cleaners are used in many different Industries for many different applications. Click here are find out how they are used in Hospitals, warehouses and Office environments

Cleanroom and Hospital Systems

Camfil are experts in the manufacture of Cleanroom and Hospital filtration systems. Camfil Filter mounting systems are used in Cleanrooms and Hospitals all over the world to ensure High air quality

PM1 Tracker

Camfil is making the invisible, visible. Thanks to this handheld device, you will be able to see your Indoor Air Quality within minutes.

Panel Filters

Camfil manufacture a full range of panel filters to suit your application. Manufactured in our production plant in Haslingden, Camfil panel filters can be manufactured in a range of different sizes and efficiencies

Bag Filters

Bag/Pocket Filters are used in many HVAC systems. Camfil have a full range of Bag filters to suit our clients needs. With manufacturing in the UK we guarantee prompt delivery and service

HEPA and ULPA Air Filters

Manufactured in the UK Camfil HEPA filters are used in both Cleanroom and other sensitive areas (such as Operating theatres) applications. EN1822:2009 Certified