Panel Filters

Camfil pleated air filters for HVAC systems are manufacture in our UK plant. Manufactured to customer requirments, Camfil panel filters are your first line of defence from poor air quality affecting your building

AeroPleat Panel Filter AeroPleat Panel Filter

The Aeropleat panel filter is Camfils low cost range of panel filters. Made in G4 efficiency the Aeropleat panel filter is used for first stage filtration in your HVAC system. The Aeropleat is a pleated panel filter and comes in a range of different sizes to suit your needs

30/30 pleated panel filter 30/30 pleated panel filter

The 30/30® panel filter is Camfils most energy efficient G4 panel filter. For guaranteed G4 performance and an energy optimised solution choose Camfils 30/30 panel filter. These pleated panel use more media than others to guarantee energy efficiency

M-Pleat panel filter M-Pleat panel filter

The M-Pleat panel filter is Camfils range of M5 efficient panel filters. The M-Pleat is used in applications were the Secondary filter needs extra protection to prolong filter life. Often used in Pharmaceutical, Hospitals and Food and Beverage Industries for extra filter protection. This M5 pleated panel filter comes with a plastic frame

Media rolls and pads Media rolls and pads

Camfil also supply Media Rolls and Pads that are used as pre filters to protect against large particles. Media Rolls are used for many different applications including spray booths. Camfil supply these in a range of different sizes and efficiencies to suit your needs

Fan Coil Filters Fan Coil Filters

Camfil manufacture and supply Fan coil filters in a range of different sizes to suit your application


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