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M-Pleat panel filter

M-Pleat Panel Filter

This M5 pleated panel filter has been designed to help improve indoor air quality while protecting your secondary filter to prolong its lifetime

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  • Prefilter M5 according new EN779:2012
  • Large filtration surface
  • Low pressure drop
  • High dust holding capacity (2 times more than a G4) = longer lifetime
  • Robust and moisture resistant media
  • Green and sustainable frame
  • Ultra compact size
  • IAQ improvement: M5 + F7 twice as much as G4 + F7


Application: Replacement of gravimetric filters, Air Handling Units, Industrial processes and individual modules (reducing plant energy and IAQ improvement)
Type: Ultra compact filter Classe M (EN779:2012)
Frame: Rugged ABS plastic
Media: Synthetic self-supporting
Efficiency EN779:2012: M5
Recommended final pressure drop: 300 Pa
Maximum airflow: 1.5 x nominal airflow
Temperature: 70°C in continuous maximum
Mounting system: Universal holding frame, slides
Options: Gasket



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